Biggest Cheatings in Cricket by Australia

Biggest Cheatings in Cricket by Australia: A Shocking Revelation


If cricket is a matter of dishonesty and it is not the name of Australia, it cannot happen. Cricket, often revered as a gentleman’s game, has had its fair share of controversies over the years. Among these, some of the most shocking instances of cheating have been attributed to the Australian cricket team. From ball-tampering scandals to other forms of misconduct, these incidents have not only tarnished the reputation of the players involved but have also left a lasting impact on the sport. In this exposé, we delve into the biggest cheatings in cricket by Australia, shedding light on the darker side of the game.

No. 8-Biggest Cheating in Cricket History :

Australian players are not afraid of cheating and sledging because they just want something. And for that, even if they have to be dishonest. In 1981, in a match between Australia and New Zealand, New Zealand needed 6 runs on the last ball. Australia’s captain Greg Chappell won the match by getting an underarm ball from the bowler, but lost his respect. Even Australia’s keeper Rod Marsh refused to let Chappell do this, but he didn’t listen and asked his brother Trevor Chappell to put an underarm ball.

This incident is still remembered in cricket as dishonest. After the match, New Zealand players complained about it to the umpire, but what had to happen had happened. This was also written in the rule book of Benson and Hedges that no bowler can do underarm delivery. Australian presenter Richie Bernard admitted this dishonesty and said that such an incident should never happen again in cricket.

No. 7 -Cheating of the highest order:

Australia may have won many world cups, but to win hearts, they are like a villain of Bollywood. There was a limit during a match. A ball of Brad Williams was played by the batsman towards the final leg and even took a run. In the meantime, wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist appealed for a hit wicket and the umpire was in a daze.
It was clearly seen in the replay that the batsman was far from the wicket while playing the ball. And at that time, the bails were also on the stumps. Then how did the hit wicket go out? After a while, it turns out that Justin Langer deliberately dropped the bails and then started appealing himself. If there was no camera, the umpire would have had to give out. In this way, the player who deceives can only be from Australia.

No.6- Cheats never change:

In a match between West Indies and Australia, Australian bowler Julian deliberately came in the way of the batsman and the batsman ran out. The batsman appealed, but the umpire had given out. After this incident, West Indies fans started throwing bottles on the ground and the Australian player started running after seeing all this.
Meanwhile, a fan hit a bottle on the head of Steve Waugh. Actually, after the match, Australian players always did this. It looked like a coincidence, but it was all intentional. Now , the bowler Julian, he came in front of the runner as if he was not playing cricket but football. There is a dark art in cricket and Australian players are his masters.

No.5- Matthew wade Cheating :

Recently, in the match between England and Australia, Australia’s wicketkeeper Matthew Wade stopped Mark Wood from catching the catch. It looked clear that Wade intentionally stopped the bowler. After the match, Australian players said at the press conference that it was a coincidental collision. Matthew Wade intentionally stopped Mark Wood so that he could not catch or run out.
England’s captain Jos Butler did not even appeal for field obstruction and later England defeated Australia in this match. Because of the same rights of Australian players, they are defamed all over the world. Those players may be good, but they are dishonest.

No.4- Ricky Ponting the Great Cheat :

Australia’s great captain Ricky Ponting was a great fighter and captain, but he was also world famous for cheating. He didn’t let go of any chance of cheating. In a test match between India and Australia, he appealed for the catch of MS Dhoni, while it was clearly visible that he had picked up the ball from the ground. In the replays, it was clearly visible that Ponting had done the same. The umpire also felt that it was not a clean catch, so the umpire asked Ponting if he had caught the catch. Ponting immediately He pointed out and the umpire gave out. Australia had one rule to win the match in any way. No matter why you have to cheat for it.

No. 3- Haddon’s Cheating:

Even after failing once to take the wicket, the Australian player did not change. After this, he kept trying many times and succeeded. The same happened against New Zealand. In a match, the umpire was also deceived. On the spin of Michael Clarke’s ball, Batsman McCullum is beaten. And it seems as if the batsman has been clean bowled. Players appeal and the umpire also gives out. But something else had happened. Yes, actually, Michael Clarke’s ball does not touch the wicket but comes out from above the stumps. But when the keeper Brad Haddon collects the ball, he drops the bails with his glove, which makes it seem as if the batsman has been clean bowled.

No. 2- Next is the ball tampering scandal:

In cricket, many players have done ball tampering incidents many times. And in this list, Australia’s players are at the forefront. In a match going on against South Africa, when the Australian bowlers were not able to take the wicket, Steve Smith and David Warner gave the ball to Bancroft, who scratched the ball with the help of sandpaper and ruined the ball. But this whole incident was captured in the camera and Australia’s dishonesty came to the fore. The Australian players were very insulted and all the players were banned from cricket for some time. After the ban was over, Smith and Warner came back to the team, but the bankrupt career was over.

No. 1- The Management’s Cheating :

You will be surprised to know that not only the Australian players, but their management is also an expert in cheating and always supports them in their dishonesty.  While playing against India, Steve Smith gets out of the LBW. And not only does he wait for the signal to the dressing room before taking the DRS, but he also makes a sign and asks whether he should take the review or not. This has happened many times before and Australian players never miss the opportunity to do anything meaningless.


The revelations of cheating in cricket, particularly by the Australian team, serve as a stark reminder of the ethical dilemmas faced in professional sports. While these incidents have brought disgrace to the players and their respective teams, they have also prompted calls for greater integrity and accountability within the sport. As cricket continues to evolve, it is imperative that lessons are learned from these controversies to ensure that the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship prevails on and off the field.

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