IPL logo Batsman and some facts about IPL Match

IPL logo Batsman and some facts about IPL Match

 IPL logo

Well, all of us must have seen this player in the IPL logo, but have you ever thought that which player is this player inspired by? So, if you are a true IPL fan, then answer this simple question. In IPL, which players or shots are inspired by the logo? I know maximum 80-90% of you will answer, everyone would think what kind of question is this? This logo is inspired by AB de Villiers. But buddy, you are wrong in this case. A year ago, there was a rumor that this shot is inspired by AV de Villiers, but that information is totally wrong, totally bullshit.  So, through this blog we will be revealing his name and also some interesting facts about cricket . Brace yourselves for an in-depth comparison that will shed light on the cricket facts and their impact. So, grab your cricket gear and join this blog as we explore the player behind the stats!

Interesting Facts on cricket:

Fact number 10 :

Well, IPL is famous for its action, for its long sixes, for its pinch hitters. But do you know which player had the longest six in IPL? Well, this is a little tricky question because neither David Layers, nor Chris Gayle, nor David Warner, none of your favorite names had such a long six. Actually, the answer is Albie Morkel. In 2008, Albie Morkel hit a 124-meter-long six, which is still unbreakable. While playing for CSK, he hit such a long six. Chris Lynn is different. He hit the longest six in Big Bash. But Albie Morkel is the longest six-hitter on IPL.

Fact number 9:

Do you know which cricketer has the most runs in IPL? Obviously, undoubtedly, that is our great Virat Kohli. But do you know that he is the player who has been out on zero most of the time in IPL. Mr. Harbhajan Singh has been out 13 times in total. 13 times out on zero. Can you imagine this? But this does not affect his ability. He is a great player.

Fact number 8:

We all know that Punjab’s boy Yuvraj Singh did a great job against England. He put six sixes in six balls and made the name of his country shine. But there are two players in the IPL who have scored 37 runs in each over. One of them is the beast, the monster, Mr. Chris Gayle, who scored 37 runs against Kochi Tuskers Kerala in 2011 over Prashanth Parmeswaran. And recently, the same reason has been done by his Indian Sir, Ravinder Jadeja. In the last IPL, i.e. the IPL that took place in 2021, he scored 37 runs in one over.

Fact number 7:

Well, we have seen a pair of cricketer brothers in cricket. Like Pandya brothers, like Pathan brothers, like Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Marsh. We have seen a lot of pairs like this. But there was a pair in IPL as well. Of brother and sister. Where brother used to play cricket in IPL. And sister used to cheer leading for a team. That is South African cricketer Jack Kellis and his sister Jenny Kellis. Jack Kellis didn’t play a single match for CSK, but Jenny Kellis cheered for CSK in 2011.

Fact number 6:

 Well, we all know that IPL has a very famous award, i.e. most Valuable Player Award. But, when IPL has been going on for so many years, there are only 3 Indians who have won this award in so many years. Rest of them are all foreign players. Before 3 Indians, there are Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, And recently, Harshal Patel has won this award for RCB.

Fact No. 5:

Well, there is a very rare term in cricket that is Diamond Duck. Diamond Duck happens only when a player runs 0 in 0 ball and gets out. And this happens only when either you get out in a non-legal delivery or you run out without facing any ball. So, there were two players in IPL who were Diamond Ducks. The first is Bhuvaneshwar Kumar who got out on a wide ball. And there was another Diamond Duck in IPL with Mumbai. That is, Diamond Duck became chemo Paul. So there are two players who gave their wicket on Diamond Duck.

Fact No. 4:

Do you know that there are two players in IPL who are out of the rule of obstructing in the field? Basically, the rule of obstructing in the field is that if a fielder is running out to you and if you deliberately come between the fielder and the stumps that is obstructing in the field and in these two players recently were Amit Mishra and many years ago  was Yusuf Pathan.

Fact number 3:

Well, do you know which team has the longest winning series in IPL? Meaning, which team has the series to win without losing a single match for the longest time? That is Kolkata Knight Riders , KKR. They have a series of a total of 10 matches. In 2014-2015 season, they had won 10 regular matches.

Fact number 2:

This can be a little motivating fact as well. Do you know who is Rahul Drabir’s favourite cricketer? It could be Saurav Danguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Dhoni. But leaving all of them behind, Rahul Dravid said that his favourite cricketer is Praveen Tambe. So, who is Praveen Tambe? Basically, when IPL started, Praveen Tambe came as a net bowler of Rajasthan Royals. Later, he got a chance in the team and he won’t play a single match for a long time. Even after not playing any match for a long time, Praveen Tambe’s passion didn’t end. Praveen Tambe was the first player to reach Rajasthan’s training camp every morning. And today, a biopic is being made in his name. It is a movie released on Disney+ Hotstar on April 1, 2022. So this is the time of the most awaited fact, fact number one.

Fact number one is that whose logo is this in IPL? Basically, it is Bangladeshi cricketer Mashrafe Murtaza. If you can’t believe it, then look at this picture. You can compare those two logos side by side and see how similar they are. And the funny thing is that in the name of Mashrafe Murtaza, meaning, even if the IPL logo was made with the inspiration of Mashrafe Murtaza, but Mashrafe Murtaza is not that popular in the IPL. They have been played one or two matches, among which their best was 44 runs, which means a lot. This is an interesting fact and hopefully you liked this blog and information.

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