CSK Vs RCB opening IPL match 2024 Highlights

CSK Vs RCB IPL 2024 first match highlights

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In Chennai Chepauk Stadium, CSK team proved their power once again. In the opening match, they won over RCB team and won in IPL 2024. So, in Chennai Chepauk Stadium, RCB team didn’t change a bit. When you look at CSK the team, they have been losing in this stadium for the past 15 years and they lost in this match too. But this time, the change is that RCB team fought a lot in this match compared to the last time. Similarly, when we look at the previous match, CSK team lost very badly in the opening match. In fact, even in this match, when they were batting for the first time, they went into trouble for a while. But RCB’s lower middle order batsman beat that team and gave a good score to that team with a good partnership.
But anyway, it’s not enough to have a strong team like CSK. In fact, they chased the target set by RCB with a lot of play. So in this match, the RCB team took the batting ahead of the toss. But this is something to be surprised about for a while. Because the pitch reports in the toss clearly said that this wicket would be good to field first. Experts said that Chennai is not like a typical wicket, it is a little hot, so 40 overs will be okay. But RCB captain took batting before going to the toss.  The first batting team in this round has a good record and the pitch is good for batting.
But it would have been better if he had taken a feeling on the fresh wicket with the  pattern in mind. If we talk about the team, CSK team surprisingly didn’t let Mukesh Choudhary play. So, they took Mustafiz Rahman as their left-arm batsman. Since he is a solid left-arm batsman, there is no need for another left-arm batsman. With this, CSK team put Mukesh Choudhary aside in this match.  Another good surprise is that CSK team made Sameer Rizvi’s debut in this first match. So, CSK team is trying to win this match by putting a lot of reprise in the auction. Due to this, they took a compromise in bowling and took a  win as a specialist batsman.
If we come to the RCB team, we have already told you about the batting. So, they went with the name of Alzarri Joseph style in bowling. Here, RCB team has two options. If they want to play Indian left arm , they will play Alzarri Joseph. If they want to play foreign left arm , they will play Steve Smith . So, in this match, they went with the combination of  Alzarri Joseph style. Anyway, RCB team who took the batting ahead of the toss, got a very good start. Their captain Faf du Plessis did the batting in the powerplay. The remaining 14 overs in the four overs came to a total of 17 runs.
Mainly, Faf du Plessis ( hit 8 boundaries in the first 4 hours. But when he came to Mustafizur Rahman bowling in the 5th over, the whole game changed. In that over, he outplayed Du Plesis who was running 35, and decked out Rajat Patidar. And in these two wickets, Du Plesis lost his wicket by playing a shot .  And  Ravindra should be said to have caught a mind-blowing catch. When it comes to Rajat Patidar, he appeared to be very confident. mainly mustafizur Rahman bowled an over the wicket while cutting the ball out. so it was very difficult to face the ball when the ball comes in. so he decided whether the ball will go out or it will come in, and in a double minute, he kicked a ball and gave it to Dhoni.
And next door we see Maxwell’s golden deck and this is the biggest shock.  Maxwell has a very good record on the ground and he is important. But he opened the bat page and lost his wicket by a casual shot. So, with 41 runs, the RCB team scored 42 runs and lost 3 wickets. With this, they only got 42 runs in the powerplay. Even after that, the CSK bowlers bowled very tight. They put pressure on the RCB batsman. And even though they didn’t look at the court, there was no chance for them to play more balls in the powerplay. So, because he didn’t get many strikes, the spinners didn’t get set in that much of a crease.
With this, he took some time and batted in the middle of the loss. But when he wanted to accelerate, Mustafizur Rahman bowling got loaded. And in this wicket issue, CSK building needs to improve a lot. Rahane and Rachin Ravindra made a good combination catch near the boundary line. Now, even though Kohli and Green were standing in a small partnership, it didn’t look comfortable. He only made 18 runs out of 22 runs. And he also became a DC for a slower ball that Mustafizur Rahman made. So, RCB team made 5 wickets out of 78 runs in 11.4 hours. And at this time, we thought it was impossible for them to lose. We also thought that their batting ball was only in the top 5.
But looking at their top 5, they got out very quickly. At this point of time, RCB fans would have left the match on purpose. . But Anuj Rawat and Dinesh Kartik did a mind-blowing batting. They scored 95 runs out of 68 in the 6th wicket. It’s not an ordinary thing for RCB to score so many runs in the first 5 wickets. Anuj Rawat did a brilliant batting. On one side, when Dinesh Karthik was seen as a rookie, he did a lot of free-flowing batting. Especially, the next level was when he picked CSK bowlers and hit them. So, Kartik and Rawat met and hit CSK bowlers well in the death horse. In the last hour hours, there were 83 runs.
If the RCB team keeps the wickets in their hands, they can hit the CSK team hard in the death horse. Because they don’t have Matheesha Pathirana which means, their death bowling didn’t give them any strength. So, this is the only positive thing about RCB’s batting in this match. They were able to exploit CSK’s weakness in their death hours. They were able to hit at least 150 runs at a time. So, definitely, Maxwell was very disappointed by the pitch that he thought was good for batting. If either of them had played well, the RCB team would have got even better results. Now, if you think about CSK’s bowling, Mustafizur  Rahman is a one-man show.
If there is any weak point in CSK’s bowling in this match, it is their death bowling. Mainly, Deshpande gave 20 runs in one over in the end. But after that, he made a very good comeback in the last hour and scored only 9 runs. Ruturaj Gaikwad won 20 overs with 5 bowlers. Also, even though he bowled in the starting, it worked out very well.  Gaikwad got the captaincy with full pride. Of course, he got some inputs during the overs.
If we think about CSK’s chasing, they also had a good start. Mainly, the young man, Rachin Ravindra.  He scored 37 runs in 15 runs. When he played his debut match in Chennai Chapauk Stadium, he won the RSVP bowling. He hit 8-bill boundaries without any problem. Apart from that, he hit 3 boundaries while looking at the guy-court. But, he got kicked out by the outside off-stamp ball in the style bowling. So, after scoring 38 runs for the first wicket, Gaikwad  was out. But, looking at it later, it was a good partnership. Rahane and Ravindra finished the powerplay very well. With this, CSK team got 62 runs in the powerplay.
That means they changed the chasing equation very simply in the first 6 overs. They brought the required run rate to 100. After the powerplay, the CSK batsmen’s game was a bit like that. At one point, when Cameron scored 2 wickets out of 2 overs, the CSK batsmen were nowhere to be seen. The rest of the CSK batsmen also contributed. Rahane scored 27 runs and Daryl Mitchell scored 2 runs. Similarly, Saurabh Dubey scored 34 runs on RCB with a good record. And he also scored 25 runs on Jadeja.
Most importantly, after Daryl Mitchell got out, a good partnership between Dubey and Jadeja came. These two are not like some bad guys, they did a very sensible batting. They hit the same way without taking too much risk. So, CSK team showed a very good batting display. With this, they were able to chase the target in just 18.4 hours. See, a record was created in the batting of both the teams in the match. That is, in the match, they made 341 runs in two teams overall. But no batsman in both the teams even hit a half century. And this is the first time this is happening in the IPL history.
Whoever is given bowling in RCB , they are giving more runs. But anyway,  Mayank Dagar and Cameron Green did impressive bowling for some time. Mainly, Mayank Dagar made 2 runs in 2 overs. But the sad thing is that he gave 2 overs.  And if you look at Green, He was able to take back-to-back wickets in the first 2 overs, but he couldn’t continue the runs. He also gave 27 runs in 3 overs. So, the overall RCB bowling was exposed in the first match as we expected. But in the next matches, it will be good if they can catch a gun bowler.

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