10 Hidden Secrets That Make RCB Unique Team: A Must-Read

RCB facts you must know!

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Royal Challengers Bangalore has 10 secrets that you won’t know about. It’s name is inspired by the alcohol brand. It’s a big team in fanbase but it has very low valuation. Do you know why? Because RCB is more special than all the other teams. And this is free wifi for its fans. And most importantly, RCB’s audience has made a world record. First of all, when RCB started, it was inspired by the alcohol brand which is Royal Challengers. Royal Challengers is a company that was bought from United Spirits. So this whole name was inspired by the alcohol brand.
But next thing is, if it’s a liquor brand, then of course, the price will be high. That’s why Vijay Mala bought this franchise for Rs.100. $11.60 million which is a lot of money for a team in 2008. And because of this, IPL has become the second most expensive franchise. First of all, it’s Mumbai but there’s a huge gap between them of $0.30 million. But , because of taking so much money, RCB’s valuation is very low. That’s why their rank is 6th or 7th. And the reason for this is very simple. It’s because they lose matches. That’s why RCB’s fanbase is very high but their valuation is very low. For example, their valuation is $1 billion. According to Forbes, their revenue is $36.4 million and operating income is $9.7 million in 2022, which is very less.
Because RCEP is a very big team in which everyone wants to invest money. But it’s okay, all this can happen because they can’t win many matches.
Even though RCB doesn’t change its jersey color often, it’s interesting to see how they’ve stuck with golden yellow, which is inspired by the unofficial Karnataka flag. But despite this consistency, RCB has changed its jersey nine times so far. It’s rare for a team to wear the same jersey for two consecutive seasons. However, they do wear a green jersey in one match every year, promoting nature. Last year, they even wore a blue jersey as a tribute to Bollywood during the Covid times. It’s quite commendable. No other team does this. RCB remains unique in this regard. Perhaps this is why they haven’t clinched the IPL trophy yet. But one thing’s for sure: they win hearts!
 And RCB was the first team whose home jersey was different and away jersey. Their jerseys were different colors on the top and bottom. So if they were at home, there was a red on the top and a black on the bottom. If they were playing outside the house, there was a red on the top and a black on the bottom. You see, right? to make them pay less. It’s the same jersey but the color is different. But RCP recently started an unbox event in which they did an event with the audience in which they recently announced a new jersey and Chris Gayle and A.B. de Villiers had come who had retired but he is also made very special. And this time they gave a special tribute to A.B. de Villiers and Chris Gayle which is very good. This is a different team from everyone’s team.
But RCP’s fans had also made a world record. They had taken the most runs in an hour. They had taken 823 runs. He has made a world record in which he is the best player in the world. And this is the thing that in today’s top 5 franchise, there is no credit team, only one team comes, RCB 5th rank. In this, first of all, Real Madrid, then FC Barcelona, Manchester United, PSG and then RCB. And there is no credit team in the whole list, only RCB 5th rank.
In 2012, it was the most popular cricketing team and the 5th most popular sports team on Instagram. Let me tell you the numbers. They don’t tell the trophy. Look, they make the audience, not the trophy. Winning trophy is not important. Winning heart is important. And RCB is the best example of this. But RCB had installed free Wi-Fi for their fans in the stadium because they wanted all the fans of RCB to be able to share that moment with their audience, their fans, their friends. That’s why they installed free Wi-Fi. Will any other team do this? Will CSK do this? Will Mumbai do this? No. Ambani will give things for free but they won’t install Wi-Fi for free. But RCB does it.
Similarly, there was a match of RCB in which they weren’t even playing cricket. Despite that, The whole stadium was filled. They had just started the net practice. This is the fanbase that no other team has. But let me tell you a funny incident. IPL had released a new hashtag on Twitter. If you use the hashtag of every IPL team, you’ll get an emoji. And they made a mistake by saying that CSK’s people started coming after RCB’s team. And all the people went crazy. But if Virat Kohli was in CSK, it would have been so much fun. I mean, MSN captain Virat Kohli is playing as a batsman. But also RCB has made a lot of records. Like the highest total and the lowest total IPL is with RCB.
And the one who hits the most centuries is also with RCB. The most success is with RCB. The most partnership with friends is with RCB. The most fans are with RCB. But the nation wants to know why is RCB so special? The reason for this is very simple. Entertainment. Which ever RCB you say, You will be happy. You will have fun. It’s a thrilling match. Second, the small things like wearing a green jersey or a blue jersey, those things look good. That’s why it’s special to all the teams. Third is APTB’s Virat Kohli. And fourth, the most important and the last one, RCB’s love towards their fans. Which is, of course, one of the best. I worked for RCB.
Have you ever thought why 18 is written behind Virat Kohli’s jersey? First of all, he got an 18-number jersey in Under-19, which was random. There was no story behind it. It just came to him suddenly. He had a pen with him. When his father dies, the date is still 18. After that, he played international matches and IPL, but the number never changed. And there was one more thing on it. His international debut was also on the 18th. So, there were a lot of things that were linked to the 18th. That’s why he never thought of changing the number.

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